March 07, 2016

Emerging Eco-Brand Agency: working to change the future of fashion.

By Yosh Willis February 22, 2016


Melbourne, VIC – Locally owned eco-brand agency Branched has announced today that it plans to continue changing the future of fashion with the recent launch of the Alohas Sandals’ Espadrille range.


Branched is a Melbourne based eco-brand agency founded in 2011. Branched currently umbrellas 3 sustainable and charitable brands; WeWood - wooden watches, Proof – wooden sunglasses, and Alohas – handmade leather sandals.


Branched’s brands donate proceeds of its profit to environmental and social causes – The concept "buy a watch plant a tree" has already achieved the milestone of over 250,000 trees planted!


Improving the wellbeing of the planet and its people and are the core beliefs of the agency.

With every pair of Alohas sold by Branched, Alohas will use part of the profit to create environmental and fair wage fundraising events with the help of different NGOs around the world.


Espadrilles are the latest product added to the Alohas Sandals sustainable footwear family. Handcrafted in Spain under fair-trade conditions, the sandals also feature 100% natural recyclable soles and genuine leather.


Being extremely popular in Europe, Alohas believes their modern take on the classic Espadrilles will make a huge impact in Australia too.


To learn more about Branched and the Espadrille launch, please contact:


Yosh Willis,

132 Cremorne St, Cremorne VIC 3121

Office: (03) 8658 2294

December 10, 2015

5 Ways You Can Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Christmas with Alohas

This year, go back to basics with a sustainable Christmas and let the magic of the festive season take centre stage. With just a few simple changes, you can celebrate the holiday season whilst giving something back to our planet.

Decorate with care

There’s good news for those of us who love the smell of pine needles. Live Christmas trees act as a renewable energy resource and are usually grown locally, making these more ethical than the artificial option. Buy your tree from a small business where it been organically grown, and decorate with durable ornaments made from metal or fabric. For a traditional, twinkling Christmas, choose LED lights that use up to 95% less energy than traditional options. Always leave lights on a timer and switch them off when you go to bed.

Food glorious food

There are four key words to remember when it comes to Christmas dinner: local, seasonal, organic and free-range. These are great foodie habits to adopt during the rest of the year but simply staying true to these values over the seasonal period will make sure your celebrations are sustainable. Support local business by purchasing fruit, veg and sweet treats from farmer’s markets and choose an organic, ethically produced turkey. On the day itself, homemade mulled wine, eggnog or hot chocolate will go down a treat and save lots of wasteful packaging from packaged drinks.

Think about the gifts

Far too many Christmas gifts are just novelty items that nobody really needs or wants. Break away from tradition and buy gifts from companies who are committed to practising sustainable business. 

Aloha womens leather sandals and toddler and kids sandals are a wonderful example of this – our sandals have a lifespan three times longer than regular flip-flops with a section of profits going to support NGOs. This offers the perfect way to give a gift that tells a story and the owner will really treasure.


Wrap happy

Think of the trees this Christmas and forgo wrapping paper for a more sustainable choice. Make a brown (recycled) paper package for a cute, unique presentation and tie it up with string or ribbon instead of tape. Newspaper makes for quirky, vintage-style wrapping, or use fabric wrap made from natural, renewable materials such as silk or organic cotton for an elegant aesthetic. For the kids, make a treasure hunt and hide their presents around the house. Wrapping will be the last thing on their mind!

Recycle, recycle, recycle

At Christmas time, millions of tonnes of extra rubbish are thrown out in households across the world. When you do your Christmas shopping, take fabric bags or ‘Bags for Life’ available at all major supermarkets. At the Christmas table, use china plates, drinking glasses and fabric napkins instead of paper ones.

When January 5th rolls around, take your Christmas tree to a chipping service where the chips can be used as mulch for community gardens, or your own green space. You can also compost the food leftovers along with any raw food waste, keeping the sustainable promise to the very end.


- Have a very safe, happy and relaxing Christmas

Love Alohas

June 02, 2015

In Love With Love Iluka

Alohas are so excited to introduce to you the gem that is Love Iluka. One of our favourite stockists, Love Iluka is our June Stockist of the Month, and we were lucky enough to set up camera and shoot some of this beautiful place for you all!

Love Iluka’s absolutely gorgeous owner and founder, Rachel, has created a unique one of a kind space that is truly easy to get lost in. The products she stocks all hold a little story of their own, and are seldom found anywhere else. Her focus on handcrafted, sustainable products means that every item is top quality and made with the finest materials. Whether beautifully created furniture pieces or fine jewellery, Rachel truly has an eye for creating collections of inspiring pieces that make this beach boutique a rare find.

(Pictured Alohas gold sandals also checkout our new silver sandals)

Stepping into Love Iluka, the warm, homely vibe extends into the newly opened raw, vegan café The Wholesome Nest, where the vintage inspired space utilising sustainable wood serves up delicious raw treats and healthy options for breakfast and lunch and everywhere in between. Extending past the café and upstairs in this beautiful Edwardian building is a space for healing and serenity in the form of a yoga studio space. Just the stunning natural light extending into the room and painting the beautiful floorboards is enough to send you into a state of serenity. Love Iluka is proud to collaborate with two businesses that promote positivity and healing, and all together promote a space that just does good all round.


Trust us when we say Love Iluka is on the sand. The building backs onto Carrum Beach (15 min north of Frankston) where beautiful sunsets and a sense of clarity is a stunning landscape for the shop and the collaborating café and studio. A feature that deserves a mention is the laneway that extends from the sand on Carrum Beach (15 min north of Frankston) leading into the building. With the recent opening of the café, the Melbourne summer beckons, as a window leading into the laneway will provide a one of a kind takeaway coffee and healthy beach snack service. Pop in after a beach walk, for a coffee and walk away with a unique piece from Love Iluka!


Alohas Sandals are proud to be a great asset to Love Iluka, don’t miss our feature video on the store and visit their website and Instagram.



May 07, 2015

Alohas Winter Getaway Essentials

Brrr. It’s almost that time of the year again – the dreaded Winter.

Here at Alohas we’re busy daydreaming about getaways to exotic corners of the globe, and now that the days are getting shorter, darker (and wetter!) it’s the perfect time to get planning.

For those lucky enough to get away this cold winter season, we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourite travel essentials which you shouldn’t be leaving home without packing first.



Hand sanitiser

Airports, taxis and shopping centres all have something in common – yucky germs. We know that it’s not always possible to wash your hands after touching something questionably sticky, but with hand sanitiser you don’t have to. It’s basically every traveller’s best friend!

Our favourite is the scented Grapefruit sanitiser by thankyou. Antibacterial, natural AND cute – what more do you need?


Tinted moisturiser 

Just because you’re on holidays doesn’t mean you stop caring for your skin. Whatever season you’re heading into, UV protection is vital – particularly for your face.

Leave those sunburnt nightmares behind with a tinted moisturiser – like the “In a Good Light” by Mecca Cosmetica. With an SPF of 30, you can be well prepared for frolicking in the sunshine!


Wide-brimmed hat

Whether you’re headed to chill out on a beach or to sip cocoa on a mountain, you can never go wrong with a nice wide-brimmed felt hat. Versatile and fashionable, a hat can turn a simple outfit into an on-trend masterpiece.

We’re loving the Montana Mirage hat by Lack of Color. A nice change from black, the tan brings a cool-girl edge and looks killer with a pop of colourful lipstick.


Alohas sandals

Our beautiful sandals are the pinnacle of comfy-cool footwear and are the perfect shoe choice whether you’re traipsing through an airport or exploring a new city.

(Pictured Alohas silver sandals)

Every purchase comes with a canvas carry bag, so even when you’re not wearing them they can easily be flattened and put away into your suitcase. With two ways to wear them, they are versatile, stylish and can be worn from day to night - and did we mention how cute they are?!


Wherever you’re headed this season; stay warm, stay safe, and stay gorgeous.


xx Alohas

April 30, 2015

Alohas Lives Below the Line


 Every day all over the world, 805 million people worldwide don’t have enough to eat. Extreme hunger is the number 1 cause of death in the world, and kills more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB combined. Most shockingly, poor nutrition due to poverty causes 3.1 million deaths in children under five each year. That is 8,500 children per day.


This May, the girls here at the Alohas office are proudly taking part in Live Below the Line to raise money and awareness for those far less fortunate than ourselves. 


 We will (drumroll!….) be living on $2.00 a day for five days.


 As someone who thinks spending less than $10.00 on a meal is thrifty, I’m in for a rude shock. Food and I are best friends, and I can happily keep eating all day long (I have done this - I’m ashamed).


 The fact is, I have never experienced poverty, and likely never will. Here in Australia, we are so lucky to live in a country that has world-class education and healthcare systems, and a great standard of living. When I am feeling hungry, I simply go out and buy some food. Unfortunately 1.1 billion people don’t have that same luxury.


 Through their LBL initiative, Oaktree is helping to conquer poverty in the Asia-Pacific region through education and funding, and we are SO EXCITED to be a part of this movement. We’ll be documenting our journey and updating everyone with our favourite recipes and experiences leading up to, and during the LBL (no coffee?! Eeek!). 



 You are able to help us out by donating to us here: No matter how small the donation, you WILL be helping to end the cycle of poverty and making a difference in the world. And of course, please share this with your friends!


 Cate, Tamera, Amanda and Sunny xx

April 17, 2015

Pt 2: Jessica and Love goes to Dubai!

Jessica Alizzi wear Alohas Camel Suede Womens Leather Avarca Sandals

We can admit we might have (okay, yes) been living vicariously through Jess Alizzi during her recent amazing adventure in the UAE. Her blogposts and accompanying images are so amazing we just want to feature them all! On her day trip to Dubai, Jess went straight for our camel suedes for her very appropriate Arabian chic look of khaki/cream/camel. 

As a tourist in the UAE, it is important to be respectful of customs, but also be kind to your sanity and dress in long, breathable fabrics to power through the day which is no doubt jam-packed with Dubai's long list of must-sees in ridiculous heat. 

Jess paired a gorgeous white drapey dress with a khaki wrap, intricate jewellery and our camel suede sandals. From spice souks to camel rides, Jess was comfy and chic in our sandals that can be easily taken from day trips ('24 carat gold coffee and cake situations', no biggy) to night festivities. 

Alohas are the perfect balance of comfort and style, which is a must on holidays, because why should sore feet ruin your trip? Walking and exploring and staying on trend never looked easier!

Jessica Alizzi, Melbourne Blogger, Goes to Dubai!

Thanks for the inspiration Jess, we can't wait to see what other adventures await...! xo  

Shop Our Camel Suede 



April 10, 2015

ALOHAS in the UAE!


Recently we teamed up with super awesomely talented Melbourne blogger Jessica Alizzi (@jessalizzi), to create more Aloha adventures with our popular Camel Suedes. And what great timing it was, with Jessica about to jet off to none other than the U A E (can it get more crazy luxurious than the year-round hot, sparkly Abu Dhabi and Dubai!?!) 


A must do is check out her documented adventures on her blog, if anything for incredible lustworthy shots of the colours of these amazing places! Is it just in April or does the sky always look incredible shades of purple and pink at dusk? Not to mention the stunning architecture that dot the skyline. Holiday envy times a thousand.  In her first stop in Abu Dhabi, she visited the World Trade Centre Souk markets where stunning ceramic coloured lanterns hung from the ceiling and home to handmade jewels and trinkets, as Jess said, basically fulfilling all our Arabian Fashion Dreams. A walk around the surrounding beach areas and Marina Mall will have you wondering whether the water is real, it being the bluest of blue you will ever see (apparently the photo doesn't even do it justice!) 

Taking a break from sunning by the pool, Jessica was lusting over the beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. With the brilliant Arabian sun shining through, this place oozes serenity, spirituality and if the images are anything to go by, Abu Dhabi just shot up higher on our list of 'next place to visit'. 

Aptly naming her latest blogpost 'Bethlehem Inspired Sandals', en route to Dubai, Jessica has been nailing the Arabian Fashion Chic look with drapey whites, khaki and our camel latte toned sandals. It seems Alohas were made for the UAE, with Jessica stating she is 'in' with the Arabian fashion, as Bethlehem inspired sandals are worn pretty much everywhere. Go figure! We're thrilled that the camels are serving Jess well in her travels, allowing her to stay comfortable and chic at the same time. After all, they've been her 'Arabic Uniform' throughout! 

And let's face it, it's not a Dubai trip unless there is a visit to the Burj Al Arab (aka seven star hotel). We are honoured to have Alohas walk inside what is considered the world's most luxurious hotel with elevators made entirely of gold, never ending ceilings, and a Japanese restaurant covered in Swarovski crystals - need we say more!? Jessica composed a beautiful shot of our sandals above incredibly beautiful coloured mosaic tiles that captured the essence of her trip into the Burj Al Arab just perfectly. 

She is one talented blogger gal with a great photographic eye, so to read about her incredible adventures in full, visit her blog at and be inspired to eat, shop and walk the incredible cities in the UAE. 

May this inspire many of you to take adventures and let our comfy, chic sandals come for the ride with you! 

Part II of Jessica's Arabian outfit details featuring Alohas to follow soon... !



April 02, 2015

Go Trans-seasonal! Your Autumn Look Starts Here.

Cozy knits and beautiful soft tones. Yes please!
Knits are always on trend for autumn/winter, and we are especially loving the muted blue-greys, pinks and camel colours. 


Our popular silver or gold metallics will instantly brighten up your look, or opt for a pair of our navys and classic camels to your must-have everyday wardrobe pieces. The possibilities are endless. 

We promise, you'll find a million and one things to pair them with, in shoulder seasons and of course, leading into summer! 

March 26, 2015

Postcards from Le Petit Mademoiselle /// Navy Meets Nautical meets Black

It's official. Autumn has officially settled in, ready or not. It's good to know there are some creative fashion lovers out there that can piece together amazing tran-seasonal looks for less. Even with sandals! 

Take our amazing new femme collab, with Margaret and Nora, who take Navy and Black to a versatile new level. Who knew, right?

"I can't think of a better combination like how chocolate goes with strawberries, and bananas go with peanut butter..." Yup, we couldn't agree more. 

Who says you have to sacrifice on comfort, versatility and style? Besides, you never know in Melbourne, it could always turn sunny and 35 degrees. 


Photo credit: @NoraFinds

Blogger: Margaret Ye of



March 20, 2015

The Traditional Avarcas Sandal // Modified



Alohas Sandals are that dreamy balance of style and comfort, the kind of shoe you wish you could wear everywhere. And you quite possibly could.  Casual and dressy, Alohas Sandals go beyond those beachy sunny days and carry into those evening festivities where rocking up wearing the flip flops that were buried in the sand all day becomes a kind of no-go.  Produced with the highest quality materials and ethically manufactured, we've broken down the construction of Alohas Sandals. Here is our anatomy of an Aloha sandal: 



Now that you know more about our sandal, we want to make sure you find the perfect fit! Which foot type are you? 


Standard Foot


Narrow Foot


Wide Foot