Product Care Info

Alohas sandals are crafted from socially responsible materials, in addition to high quality leather. Our sandals embody free expression, individuality and most of all, quality. Because of the combination of man made and natural materials used, some of our customers may have questions about proper care and maintenance. This guide is meant to provide you with information for cleaning and maintaining the beauty of your sandals. 





Our ECO RUBBER is maintenance free, durable and animal friendly. It is crafted from recycled car tires and complete water resistant. Because it is made to last, using the highest grade rubber, it's the perfect sandal for light hiking. 

Our special blend of SUEDE are not only soft but conform to fit your foot. Because it is a delicate leather type, we do advise guarding this particular type of leather with scotch guard or an all weather leather protectant. The beauty of the suede finish just gets better with age!


A sleek and wearable LEATHER sandal is always in fashion. That's why we aim to provide the highest quality leather that is tough, comfortable and best of all, easy to maintain. All of our smooth leather sandals are easy to clean - just use a damp warm cloth and lightly buff out any imperfections. You can also use shoe polish or leather cleaner!